Toyota Tacoma 2005-Present 2nd and 3rd Gen Double Cab – Second Row Seat Delete Plate System


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Toyota Tacoma 2nd and 3rd Gen. Double Cab Second Row Seat Delete Plate System is designed to create a flat platform that you can use to secure your gear, for the dogs bed and can also be used to store your refrigerator of cooler. 

This Tacoma Seat Delete Plate System comes with a Goose Gear Back Wall Panel for both 40% Seat Delete and 60% Seat Delete. Note: Double Cab Tacoma’s with Power Rear Sliding Windows have different back wall panel hardware configurations. Please carefully order the correct SKU  for your Tacoma. Read at the bottom of this for instructions on installing power rear window spacers. 

**If you have a Factory Subwoofer this 60% Seat Delete will not be compatible, see Toyota Tacoma 2005-Present 2nd and 3rd Gen Double Cab Second Row Seat Delete Plate System With Factory Back Wall.  

Images shown include both the 40% and 60% options but are sold separately.

40%  Driver Seat Delete comes in TWO variations for all 2nd and 3rd gen rigs. The first variation is designed to work with earlier model year Tacoma’s that do not have the power rear sliding window. The later model years frequently come with the power rear window and this model is slightly different to allow space for the sliding window mechanism.

The 40% Version measures 21-3/4″ wide x 36″ long
The 40% Version with Power Rear Window measures 21-3/4″ wide x 35″ long.

60% Passenger Seat Delete comes in THREE versions, one to go around the factory subwoofer and a second version for those wishing to remove or that do not have the factory subwoofer option, the THIRD option is designed to work without the factory subwoofer, BUT WITH the power sliding rear window motor (Check Out the Seat Delete with Factory Back Wall). We have found that most of the 2019 and newer Tacoma’s have the power rear window option.

The Standard Version measures 33-1/4″ wide x 36″ long
The Standard Version with Power Rear Window measures 33-1/4″ wide x 35″ long.

Single Drawer Module option is available to fit in the second row of the Double Cab. 


Instructions for removal of factory applied sound deadening material

In order for the Double Cab 60% seat delete to sit properly in your vehicle you must be sure that the area shown below in orange is flat and does not have additional sound deadening. We marked this out with orange tape for easy representation only. The removal of the sound deadening can be done with a putty knife or a scraping tool. Take care not to scrape or cut through into the vehicle paint. In some Tacoma’s we have found that when the Toyota factory applies the sound deadening material to the vehicle, they are occasionally applying this material over a larger area. The images below are of a vehicle that did not require any sound deadening material removal as the area was clear and ready for installation.

Measuring from the seat bracket holes which hold the 40% and the 60% seat. Be sure that you remove any built-up sound deadening material between the distances of 5-1/4” to 8-1/2” from the center of the seat mount holes as shown below.

60% Sound Deadening Removal Area

Also, ensure that the front to back is clear of any sound deadening material as shown below. The area needs to be clear from the back wall of the cab of the truck and forward 5″.

Tacoma Sound Deadening Removal Area

Tacoma Power Rear Window Back Wall Installation

In order to clear the power rear window motor, we are supplying 1″ spacers and a different hardware kit with longer bolts. The spacers need to be held to the back side of the Back Wall Panel for installation. The easiest way to do this is to simply use some masking tape as shown and then place the panel in the vehicle and bolt through the spacers and into the factory bolt hole locations. See the images below.

Power Rear Window Spacers

Power Rear Window Spacer Detail

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