Slanted Water Tank



This 50l (13.2gal)Êslanted waterÊtank is intended to maximise space utilisation by fitting behind the backÊseats ofÊutility vehicles and the slanted shapeÊcompensatesÊfor the slant in the back seats.__

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This 50l (13.2gal) slanted water tank is intended to maximise space utilisation by fitting behind the back seats of utility vehicles and the slantedshape compensates for the slant in the back seats. This tank is universal in terms of its implementation it can be used in custom storage systems, motorhomes, other vehicles and other many other instances. Made from food grade polyethylene and is BPA free. 50l (13.2gal) capacity. This tank has plastic pipe fittings. The WTAN014 for this water tank is sold seperately.


Material used: Tank: BPA-free polyethylene Fittings: Plastic Ê Capacity: 50l (13.2gal) Ê Product Dimensions: W 1000mm (39.4”) x H 350mm (13.8”) x L tapered 200mm (7.9”) to 150mm (5.9”) Ê Weight: 5.08kg (11.2lbs)Special NotesSKU HT029FR-GY-COMP

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Weight 10.8 lbs
Dimensions 15.74804 × 39.3701 × 7.87402 in