Dobinsons Single Roller Drawer System – Universal Mount – Large Size(RD80-1003)


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  • Measures 990mm long x 535mm wide x 275mm high, 80 LBS dry weight
  • 1.6mm Zinc Plated Robust Steel Construction
  • 12mm Heavy Duty Plywood Panels with Marine Carpet Covering
  • 4 x Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Tie Down Points
  • Aluminum Edging Protection, Heavy duty lockable latch 
  • Not compatible with 3rd row seat installed.
  • Massive 150KG (330LB) Drawer Capacity on Heavy Duty Roller Bearing System
  • For Replacement Bearings use part numbers
    • 608-RS – 8mmx22mmx7mm
    • 6200-2RS – 10mmx30mmx9mm
  • Shipping is to nearest Freight Terminal or to a Commercial address with a loading dock or forklift.  Residential delivery adds additional separate costs


Dobinsons 4×4 offers two different sized single roller drawers which could be used in a variety of vehicles.  This single drawer is exactly half of the standard RD80-1000 that Dobinsons already offers as dual drawer setups. This drawer system comes fully assembled when shipped, and includes mounting hardware.  Drilling through the floor will most likely be required for a secured setup, as a minimum of 4 mounting points are recommended to hold it to the floor for security.  The Dobinsons single drawer system does not come with a sliding top, it has a fixed top which allows the drawer to be locked and more secured.  Dobinsons sells separate fridge slides which could be mounted to the top of this drawer, if desired. Dobinsons Drawer System Instructions Features include: 1.6mm Zinc plated robust steel construction, 12mm heavy duty plywood panels with marine carpet covering, 4 x heavy duty stainless steel tie down points built in to the top of the drawer, aluminum edge protection, heavy duty lockable latch, 150KG (330LB) Draw Capacity, and heavy duty roller bearing system. Dobinsons drawers are perfect for storing your recovery gear, camping equipment, cooking gear, tools and spare parts, tow and snatch straps, or whatever you can think to carry on your adventure. Packing your equipment in these drawers alleviates the need for multiple bins/totes and allows for secure storage without having to tie everything down inside. (This Product Page) RD80-1003 Large Sized Drawer measures 990mm long x 535mm wide x 275mm high (total external dimensions), and 935mm long x 460 wide x 195mm high internal drawer dimension.  This size would be most ideal for Land Cruisers RD80-1004 Medium Sized Drawer (this productmeasures 900mm long x 500mm wide x 275mm high (total external dimensions), and 840mm long x 435 wide x 195mm high internal drawer dimension.  This size would be most ideal for 4Runner, Lexus GX460/470 and wagons that don’t have a lot of length in the rear hatch area. Photos show the RD80-1004 size, which represents the features and texture of both sizes. Note: A special returning handling charge will be assessed if a return is necessary.  Drilling and bolting through the floor is required, along with alignment of the drawer system of the floor to make sure everything is installed correctly.  Installation by a professional is recommended.

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