Dobinsons Shortened Bump Stop Kit for Mitsubishi Triton and Montero Sport(WA43-539K)


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Dobinsons offers now a shortened bump top kit for Mitsubishi Triton L200 2006-2018 and Montero (Pajero) Sport 2008-2018 vehicles. This kit will allow for more down travel out of the front suspension.




It is recommended to install the shortened top out rubbers after the suspension has been installed and if possible wheel aligned so that the control arm and strut is in its finished position.


  1. Remove the original top out rubbers.
  2. Install the new top out rubbers and do the bolts up finger tight and raise the vehicle from the chassis the wheels are at full droop and are off the ground.
  3. Place chassis stands under the vehicle and from underneath check that the upper control arm has clearance to the shock body on BOTH sides. There should be a minimum of 4mm clearance around the shock body and this can be checked with something like a piece of thick wire, or plastic or cable tie or similar and sliding it around the shock absorber to ensure there is clearance. If there is not enough clearance add the packers supplied between the rubber and the control arm until there is a minimum of 4mm gap between the control arm and the shock absorber.


NOTE: If fitting to vehicles lifted more than 50mm, and fitted with after market control arms or diff drop kits then the vehicle must also be checked at full droop to ensure the C.V. joints do not bind as well as steering linkages and other items are not binding and causing any problems.


  • Bump stop made from high quality rubber
  • Suits lifts from 30mm-45mm
  • Sold as a kit, replacing both front bump stops 

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