Dobinsons MRR 3-Way Adjustable Rebuild 2.6″ (MRRK60-005)


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  • Current Rebuild time is 1 week following delivery.
  • When this product is purchased you will be emailed a label for one Shock or Strut. If you will be rebuilding a pair, please add two kits to your cart.
  • Shipping is billed for 2-way transport.
  • This Rebuild Includes:
    • Rebuild Kit for one Shock or Strut
  • This rebuild works for the following Shock/Strut part number:
    • MRA29-A716
    • MRA29-A717
    • MRA29-A736
    • MRA29-A737
    • MRA29-A743
    • MRA45-A114
    • MRA45-A115
    • MRA45-A912
    • MRA45-A913
    • MRA45-A914
    • MRA45-A915
    • MRA45-A917
    • MRA51-A116
    • MRA59-A440
    • MRA59-A441
    • MRA59-A682
    • MRA59-A683
    • MRA59-A684
    • MRA59-A685
    • MRA59-A687
    • MRA59-A688
    • MRA59-A710
    • MRA59-A711
    • MRA59-A713
    • MRA59-A782
    • MRA59-A786
    • MRA59-A918