Dobinsons Extended Single Swaybar End Link(SE45-520)


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  • Heavy Duty, zinc plated, with high quality ball joint ends for long life
  • Kit includes 1 sway bar link
  • Will also suit stock non-lifted vehicles simply looking to replace their worn out rear links
  • Adjustable to suit lift heights of 4″ to 6″
  • Check Sway Bar Link Configuration – Some Vehicles Require 2 of the
    Same Sway Bar and Other Vehicles Require 1 of Each Sway Bar

These are adjustable sway bar extensions to suit 4” to 6 of lift, allowing your sway bar to work properly and reset back to it’s factory riding angle on the road. Adjust the rod length according to your lift height, and so that the sway bar is riding as close to a factory position as possible. The base setting should be to add half of your lifted height to the stock length. Take new links, make them the same length as stock, then add exactly half of the lifted lift height amount to them, and check for clearances. If they’re set too long, they will contact the trailing arm. Gold zinc plated, high quality OE style ball end joints, sealed for long life, this kit includes all that you will need.

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