Dobinsons 4×4 Tree Trunk Protector Strap for Winching, 26,000 LB (12,000 KG)(SS80-3827)


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  • Rated at 26,000 LB (12,000KG)
  • Length is 10FT (3M), and 3″ Strap Thickness
  • Green in color to not confuse with Snatch Straps
  • Rolls up small, compact, and easy to keep in the vehicle

Dobinsons 4×4 Straps are all rated to their listed capacity. Tree Trunk Protector Straps are designed not to stretch, yet protect the tree so that it does not get damaged during winching. Wrapping a winch cable directly around a tree can cause “Ring Barking”, possibly killing the tree. This can easily be alleviated by using a Dobinsons 4×4 Tree Trunk Protector and rated Bow Shackles Each strap features a Sliding Protective Sleeve to prevent the strap from being cut, rendering it unusable. Dobinsons 4×4 Straps are intended to be fully cleaned in water only after each use to ensure that the dust/dirt does not become abrasive to the strap, shortening the life span. The easiest way to do this is to lay it out in your driveway and hose with fresh clean water, or rinse in a large bucket, constantly changing out the water as it becomes dirty.

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