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FINALLY! Toyota released a completely updated Tundra and included all the major components us enthusiasts have been begging for! Coil sprung rear end, 10 speed transmission, turbo charged, locking rear differential, modern tech, and more! The only problem that presented is with Toyota switching over to this new TNGA platform it meant nearly all the aftermarket parts available for the previous generation Tundra and / or other Toyota platforms do NOT work on the 2022 Tundra. This rig truly has been completely re-designed, and subsequently, aftermarket parts need to be redesigned!

We were one of the earliest aftermarket / off-road companies to get our hands on the brand new 2022 Tundra (12/13/2021) and we quickly started collaborating with some of the best companies in the Toyota aftermarket space as well as designing and developing our own line of product.

As soon as we got our hands on one of the earliest available models we rapidly began 3D scanning, tinkering with, and figuring out the ins and outs of this brand new platform.

Since then we have been building these trucks up for customers all across the US and can’t wait to be a part of your trucks Adventure!

1. Tundra ——> Sequoia Front end conversion!

When Toyota released the 2023 Sequoia many folks (us included) wished Toyota had put that front end on the Tundra. It has a much smaller grill and the body lines work with the truck much better than the Tundra front end does (in our opinion). On 01/12/2023 we revealed what we believe was the first front end converted 3rd generation Tundra in the world. Utilizing mostly OEM components and a small amount of modification we successfully installed a 2023+ Sequoia (3rd generation) front end on a 2023 Limited Crew Max Toyota Tundra. This front end works seamlessly with the factory TSS, park sensors, and grill shutters. We have now put together a complete kit and can begin installing or shipping out conversion kits starting 02/01/2023. We can also modify the kits components that would not be needed if you wish to install an aftermarket Lo-Pro / Covert style or full plate bumper. The components come primed and prepped for paint OR vinyl wrap. For our display truck we used APA Lunar Rock wrap and it’s about a 95% match. Some colors may require paint.

Conversion kits along with many other 2022+ Tundra parts can be purchased directly off our new website!

*** Please note *** We have confirmed Sequoia front Covert bumpers (specifically the CBI Covert) fit and bolt into the front. We are fairly confident the CBI full plate front bumper for the Tundra will also work based upon our measurements, however, we have NOT had the opportunity to verify this yet…. but have plans to very soon! At this time it appears all Sequoia aftermarket steel / aluminum front bumpers will work with this front end conversion.

2. Adventure Motors Complete three piece skid plate set (engine, transmission, transfer-case).

Our skid plates are quite similar in design to our Tacoma skid plates. They utilize factory bolt locations, have recessed attachment points to protect the bolt heads during off-road use, and include catalytic converter protection. With these catalytic converters costing upwards of $7000 for all four, this is cheap insurance!

They are 3D scanned and computer designed for exact and perfect fitment. We have two options for plates; One being 10 gauge US made steel or 1/4” aluminum which is being released 03/01/2023… best of all they are built right here in Kansas City, MO. We provide all necessary bolts and hardware to install plates and require only basic mechanical knowledge. There is a recessed access plate for the oil pan drain and due to the design of the new Tundra the oil filter and catch drain can be accessed from the front driver-side opening of the skid plate without requiring removal.

3. Adventure Motors Combo Lift Kit

Due to the vehicle being so new coupled with current delays in manufacturing across the country and abroad getting a quality suspension kit on these trucks has proven to be very difficult. Since November of 2021 we have been messing around with a combination of a lot of different components to narrow down on a really quality kit. We’ve been running this kit now on two different trucks now with incredible results. We have options available for a mild 2” lift kit all the way up to a 3.5” lift kit (front and rear). This is a complete suspension lift kit including; Front coilovers, rear springs, rear shocks, front bump stops, rear panhard bar, rear stainless steel extended brake lines, rear sway bar mount relocate kit, and front upper control arms. We have designed and manufactured the brake lines and sway bar brackets specifically for the 2022 Tundra to ensure proper geometry and to allow for the large amount of gained suspension travel. We also have the following upgrade options available;

1. In-spring rear air bag kit for towing / added load capacity

2. Rear adjustable external reservoir shocks

3. Heavier front springs for heavy load capacity

4. Different rear spring options for varying loads

IN STOCK – Price varies from $3125 – $4800 depending on options.

As of 01/01/2023 we also have many other suspension kits in stock including dobinson and icon vehicle dynamics!